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Every Tanzanian small business is one step away from customer’s hand

9 months ago

In today’s world, mobile is the fastest medium to reach millions of users around the world. According to statistics, there are 6.3 billion people who use mobile, and by 2020 there will be 6.9 billion users worldwide. Now let’s come here to Tanzania, we have 22% out of 53.47 million population who use mobile with the internet access every single day, that is equal to almost 12 million people.

What does this mean for small businesses and entrepreneurs? It means you should be in looking for ways to turn your ideas into a mobile application. Whether you have a small salon or clothing shop, it is time to start thinking big for your business. You might underestimate the value of having a mobile application for your small business, but the numbers do not lie.

Every time we wake up, go to the work, meet friends or participate in any social activity, we always have our smartphones in hand. Any small business is one step away from customer’s hand

You might think “mobile application will not be suitable for my business nature”, my friend let me tell you something, gamification technology is the future of everything. People want scores and rewards to their essential means of life regardless of what type of services you offer. Us human being we seek connectivity, if you can connect with your customers and engage more, you will be in a position to drive more sales.

Now when you have a deep understanding of how gamification technology works and when is the right time to apply it, you will make you customers keep coming back to you, and mobile application is the simplest way to implement gamification technology.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a coffee break and talk more about mobile applications, and how we could help your business to integrate gamification technology